Can a country’s culture interfere or promote its drive towards progress?
First, let us understand what we mean by culture.

Defining culture

Culture is the land

in which initiatives grow

and bloom, or die..

The definition of culture used by Fundación Gedeón is:
"The universe of social norms, behaviors, attitudes, habits and beliefs shared by individuals in a social group."
- Mockus, Murraín, Villa (2012)

CULTURE The world Culture comes from the Latin root → “the tilling or cultivation of land”

Culture and Institutions

A country’s culture is its “collective personality”. It reflects what its citizens value; what they think is good, fair or right; it reflects the laws and rules accepted by all; and the attitudes and behaviors they have towards each other.

Ideas we accept as truth about the world around us. It is difficult to question them. Beliefs are the basis of our values, attitudes and behaviors, and they shape our actions.

Culture and Development

A society’s cultural beliefs affect its ability to generate wealth and progress.

It is important, but insufficient to modify laws and institutions in order for a country to develop.

It is fundamental to understand and work with the citizens’ beliefs and attitudes, in order to expedite the country's path towards economic development, quality of life, equal access to opportunities, rule of law and freedom.


Trust is the basis of a strong social fabric. If we do not trust others, we will not be willing to comply with rules, respect the rule of law and accept the norms that govern our social, economic and political activity.


The level of trust among citizens and the existence of formal and efficient institutions that facilitate and promote economic activity are important for development. Trust is the foundation on which prosperity is built- through collaboration, creativity, respect for rules and hard work.


In the long run, democracy is not automatically achieved through institutional reforms. Its existence also depends on the values and beliefs held by its citizens. Trust is essential to build the social structures from which a democratic and just country arises.

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Culture and Beliefs


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Humanly devised constraints that structure political, economic and social interactions.
They rely on informal rules (sanctions, taboos, customs, traditions and codes of conduct) and formal rules (constitutions, laws, property rights). (North, 1991).
How a person chooses to react and behave in a situation. It is a conscious act based on our beliefs, values, background and experiences.
The way in which a person responds to stimuli and norms.
Criteria on which we base
our decisions and choices.